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under construction
If we support our local companies, maybe someday they will built a skyscraper in downtown Syracuse or a large muti-story headquarters in a suburban office park in full view of the interstate highways. At least that's my hope. And all the new jobs for Metropolitan Syracuse would be nice too.
Company                                      Headquartered        Industry                           
Alliance Bank                                  Syracuse                  Bank                                       
Comunity Bank NA                         DeWitt                       Bank
Solvay Bank                                     Solvay                       Bank
Inalign                                               Syracuse                 Software
Sensis Corporation                       DeWitt                       Air Traffic Systems
Anaren                                              DeWitt                      Electronics
Seneca Data                                   Cicero                      Computer manufacturer
Hanford                                            Syracuse                  Pharmaceuticals
Purplewire                                       Syracuse                  Website development
Triad Technologies                       Syracuse                 Manufacturing
Sycon                                               DeWitt                      Electronics
Marquardt                                       Cazenovia
Clean Room Systems
Syracuse Research Corporation Cicero